Bogart - Rescued by the Beagle Freedom Project!

Bogart was a laboratory research beagle, rescued from a San Diego testing facility in May 2012. Before being adopted into a loving home, he lived his entire life inside a cage. He never saw sunlight, never walked on grass, never knew love & affection, never felt a gentle caress and never been kissed or snuggled. He was used as a research subject his entire life along with over 70,000 other Beagles.

Bogart’s been adopted by a family that adores him. He is constantly showered with love & affection and round the clock kisses. He has adjusted to his new life in lighting speed and every day there is something new for him to explore. Please share his story and all the stories of Beagles like him. Most people don’t know the horrors that are conducted in the name of “research”. 
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    If you own pets and love them, please consider boycotting companies that test on animals. It’s so much easier than you...
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